De Poolse militairen in Schotland


In 1942 wordt de film 'Strangers' gemaakt die een impressie geeft van de Poolse aanwezigheid in Groot Brittanie. De film bevat beelden van hun komst, de plaats die ze innemen in de Schotse maatschappij en beelden van militaire oefeningen.

De beschrijving van het Imperial War Museum bij deze opnamen:
The film's commentary (a simple dialogue between Scots and Polish voices) builds up a story of progress from a state of unfamiliarity on both sides to friendship and the feeling they will "never be strangers again". Film opens with ship-train-lorry scenes of troop transport, scenes in the camp. Sikorski decorates soldiers, the Poles assume British style battledress and are visited by King George, Churchill. Symbols of growing friendship between Poles and Scots ("neighbours indeed"):- Poles march to bagpipes; exchange of gifts at formal and friendly level; sports, folk dancing; Poles help bring in the harvest; Polish language signs in village; Poles blow bugle-call in tower (probably in Corn Exchange, Cupar) with flashback to similar scene in Cracow. Film ends with a very long sequence of Polish troops training using Covenanter tanks, Carriers, AT rifles and Bren guns; Lysanders; also Paratroops jumping from Whitleys.

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