Online filmfestival van de V4 ambassades

Online filmfestival van de V4 ambassades

De landen Tsjechië, Slovakije, Hongarije en Polen vormen het samenwerkingsverband Visegrad 4. Komend weekend organiseren de ambassades samen een online filmfestival met als motto: "Relationships Under Communism and After. 40 Years of Solidarity”.

Om de films te kunnen bekijken moet u zich per film opgegeven bij de corresponderende ambassade. U krijgt dan het wachtwoord voor de film.

De films

De onderstaande beschrijvingen in het Engels komt van de ambassades. Vermoedelijk zijn de films ook in het Engels ondertiteld.

80 milionów (80 million)

Directed by Waldemar Krzystek, Poland, 2011, 102 min

Poland, beginning of winter 1981. Just before the proclamation of martial law a group of Solidarity activists organize a spectacular action to withdraw 80 million zlotys from the trade union’s bank account in order to save it before the account would be blocked by the government. Based on true story.

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The Cellar/Pivnica

directed by Igor Vološin, Slovakia, 2018,110 min

The marriage of Milan and Táňa Labát is going through a crisis. Their 16-year-old daughter Lenka takes their alienation very hard. But one night will change their lives forever. Lenka is celebrating her 16th birthday, but she never returns home. Milan decides to take the search for his daughter into his own hands. Filled with despair and suspicion, he kidnaps Lenka’s friend Lukáš and imprisons him in a cabin in the forest.

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Csinibaba (Dollybirds)

directed by Péter Tímár, Hungary, 1997, 100 min

Set in 1962, during the Iron Curtain, Uncle Simon is in charge of keeping up the socialist order and moral in a housing block with factory workers. But a Great Talent Show is coming up and the cinemas show LA DOLCE VITA, which makes the block buzz with activities. Everyone wants to participate in the competition to get out and win the first price, attendance of a World Meeting for Young People in Helsinki, a place outside the Iron Curtain. A movie full of laughs and Hungarian pop songs.

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Cosy Dens/Pelíšky

directed by Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic, 1999, 115 min

The Cosy Dens /Pelíšky is a bittersweet comedy set in the late 60's that shows a mosaic of stories of two families and describes a difficult period of the Czech history from the perspective of teenagers. With subtle poetics and humour.

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De Visegradgroep

Visegrádgroep dankt zijn naam aan een handelstop op 15 februari 1991 tussen de regeringsleiders van Hongarije, Polen en Tsjechoslowakije. Deze top werd gehouden in het plaatsje Visegrád, in Hongarije.

Op dit moment is Polen de voorzitter van deze groep.

Reacties zijn gesloten.